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Egyptian actress "Sameera Sedqi" was born on June 22, 1960, in Egypt, her father being the artist "Abdel Al-Maqsoud Sidqi", and her mother having also worked in theater.

She graduated after studying the arts at the University of Alexandria, but initially veered away from acting, instead opting to work elsewhere for the time being.

It wasn’t until later that “Abdel-Monaeim Madbouli" rediscovered her acting talen, and propelled her into a career which included appearances in the plays "Banat Al-Ajami," "Maa Khales Taheyati," and "Ya Malekaa Qalbi Bel Maarouf," as well as the television in series "Al-Fager Al-Akheer," and "Al-Less AL-Zareef," in addition to her work in cinema.


Notable works:

2012 - series "Okhet Teresa"

1996 – Al-Hob Fi Zourof Sabaa

1996 – Bahawat Akher Zaman

1995 – Ghareeb Fi Al-Meena

1993 – Al-Loaeb Ala Al-Makshouf

1992 – Khalli Balak Min Azzouz

1991 – Al-Soaalouk Wa Al-Hawanem

1991 – El-Captain Wasal

1990 – Khamsa Cart

1989 - Sukkar Bulaq

1986 – Hob Fawqa Al-Sahab

1980 – Arous Al-Bahr

1980 – El-Bieh Sadiqi