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Lebanese actress “Nabila Karam” was born on January 22, 1954.

She got her start on Lebanese TV in 1974 before appearing in various Syrian films, then relocated to Egypt and became famous for playing roles in films by “Hassan Alaa El-Deen.” Also working as a dancer in the Lebanese folk band “Karkala”, she owes her initial discovery to director “Morice Maaloof” who was the one who gave her her start.  

Facing myriad obstacles regarding her career, she decided to leave acting behind for good.

Notable movies:

1994 – Harb El-Farawla

1993 – Seraa El-Hasnawat

1992 – El-Majnoona Wel Hob

1991 – El-Taana El-Akheera

1989 – Kaboos