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Egyptian actress "Abeer Sabri" was born April 26, 1971, in Cairo.

She graduated from the University of Ain ​​Shams, worked as a radio station presenter, and was eventually asked by director "Ali Abdul Khaliq" to appear in the film "Al-Najoun Minel Narr," which marked the start of her acting career in 1994. "Sabri" also participated in the movie "Atabit Sitat" directed by " Ali Abdul Khaliq," starring "Nabeela Obeid" and "Farouq El-Fishawy ".

After her last movie, "Fallah Fil Congress" in 2002, she decided to focus her attention on TV programs, though she’d later return to the big screen in 2010 through several movies such as "Ahasees," "Noor Eyni" and "Asafeer El-Nile." 

Notable series:

- Damy Wa Domou'e Wa Ibtisamaty (1995)

- Hawanim Garden City (1997)

- Domou El-Qamar (2008)

- Mamlakit El-Jabal (2010)

- Muntaha El-Eshiq (2010)

- Emra'ah Fi Wartah (2010)